Our Founder: Kevin Ring

Kevin Ring’s desire to help billions of people around the world become healthier and happier is still at the very heart of Swisse’s DNA. We have spent years visiting the farthest corners of the globe to source premium ingredients and develop innovative concepts, resulting in over 200 products that now make up the Swisse range. We are thrilled to share our expertise and offerings with you, to assist you in your own journey toward health and happiness.

The Quest Begins

There's a wonderful world out there, with vast, jagged landscapes of snowcapped mountains, historic ancient fields and mysterious, deep oceans. But for a special few, it’s what lies beyond the horizon that’s even more inspiring. Because in the endless possibilities of the unknown, there’s always something to discover.

 Nutrient-Rich Ingredients

That’s why in the late '60s, Swisse founder Kevin Ring set off on a quest to explore the world and find the most nutrient-rich ingredients from nature. Like Blood Oranges, nurtured for centuries at the base of an active volcano. Fish that thrive in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. And Globe Artichokes that flourish under the Spanish sun.

 Making the Most From Life

Kevin Ring believed that ingredients from nature have the power to help us make the most from life every day. And if we only got one chance at this beautiful thing called life, why not strive for the absolute best?

 Inspiring Millions

To this day, it’s that uncompromising nature that inspires Swisse to continue exploring, to be leaders in innovation and conservation, and to challenge convention. It inspires us to push ourselves to the limit and then push ourselves that little bit more. But perhaps most of all, it inspires us to inspire the world.

 The Quest Continues

When Swisse founder Kevin Ring took the very first step of his quest, he might not have understood the momentum it would gather. But here we are. And here we go.