When Cape Town pharmacist Lou Segal went on a South African safari in 1983, he was only looking for relaxation.

What he found was a tribal ritual remedy that helps grow thicker, fuller and stronger hair!

He saw how the people of that region had the most beautiful hair. Luxurious, thick and shiny, it contrasted sharply with the brittle, dry growth that covered the heads of the tribe’s counterparts in South Africa. 

He learned that in preparation for certain tribal rituals, this community applied a milky substance to their scalp and skin.

Using this herbal concoctionthe tribe was inadvertently giving themselves a highly effective “beauty treatment.”



Lou had long been seeking a solution to the problem of dandruff, hair loss and thinning hair. As a chemist, he had access to all the latest research data. As a naturalist, he’d discovered a secret, plant-based solution in East Africa.

So Lou set about achieving the perfect blend for a new haircare solution.

In 1985, he sold his first herbal hair remedy to his Cape Town customers.

When these customers found their dandruff had disappeared and new hair growth had developed, Lou knew he was onto something!

He went on to develop a full line of hair care products that became a world-wide sensation.


In 1983, the Segals moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, and established International Cosmeticare in the suburb of Richmond. There, his son, Darryl Segal, received his pharmacist degree and joined the company.

They built International Cosmeticare into a global behemoth with outlets in 35 countries. Some loyal customers have ordered their products for the past 40 years!

Since taking the company’s reins, Darryl continues to enhance his fathers original formulations using the latest in hair care technology. Today, these products are the most complete & comprehensive blend of natural ingredients on the market.

In 2002, Darryl wrote a book on the subject, called Preventing and Reversing Hair Loss, available on this site.


Darryl says, “This book will give you the practical answers to read the ‘mind’ of your hair and solve your own hair problems. If you want to keep your hair for life, you can!